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Poker Game in Bangalore India

This blog post has sections dedicated to India's gambling laws, the in , and other brick-and-mortar gambling venues. We dedicated a special section to the online wagering opportunities available to anyone above the legal gambling age. The table below shows all main topics, and at the end of the article, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Gambling Laws in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Bangalore is one of the most populated cities in South India. Historians have found settlements dating back to 4000 BCE, and a lot of items showing thriving culture ever since. During all those centuries, the city has been known under many names, but the most recent ones are Bengaluru, Bengalooru, and Bangalore.

As the largest city in Karnataka and the state's capital, Bengaluru sets the trends in all aspects of life. This blog post will highlight the gambling opportunities inside and near the city. Before we go into details on how to find a in Bangalore, India, we will share a few legal regulations on gambling and players:

⚖️ Gambling Laws

Karnataka Police Act of 1963 National Public Gambling Act of 1867 (aka Indian Gaming Regulatory Act)

Information Technology Act of 2000

🆗 Legal Games of Skill: Horse Racing, Chess, Blackjack, Poker, Rummy, Flush, Teen Patti (for fun)
🛑 Illegal Games Games of Chance: Slots, RNG Games, Roulette, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Lottery, Sports Betting, Online Gambling, Online Gaming
🎂 Legal Gambling Age

18: enter or play at a casino in Bangalore, horse races, and poker rooms.

Under 18: gambling with parental permission.

Under 16: lotteries and raffles.

No Age Limit: some wagering games played during holidays

💸 Winners Tax

The Income Tax Act (1961) obligates all gambling game winners to pay a 30% flat rate tax collected by the local casinos before paying the prize.

The new Indian gambling tax suggests the winner's tax drop to 28%.

🚔 Gambling Crimes Every casino for Bangalore players must have a licence and follow the lawful requirements. Anyone wagering at a gambling venue without a licence or playing an illegal game may face up to 3 years in prison or a 100,000 Rupee fine.

The information above applies to every land-based and online casino in Bangalore. Some operators may have extra rules and a dress code, so check them out before playing. Further down the article, we will explain how locals play at the best online casinos in India for 2023, but now, we will turn your attention to the land-based gambling venues.

Is there a Brick-and-Mortar Bangalore Casino in India?

We will not create tension by hiding the answer to this question – there are no casinos in Bangalore. Considering the city's multimillion population, this may seem surprising, but it is a fact. Karnataka is one of India's provinces that ban all forms of games of chance. That is why Bangalore has no lottery, sports betting, or casino games. Players can travel to Goa (GA) province neighbouring Karnataka, and try the following -ranking casino resorts:

  • 🎰 Big Daddy Casino
  • 🎰 Casino Strike at Grand Hyatt Goa
  • 🎰 Chances Casino & Goa
  • 🎰 Crown Casino & Goa
  • 🎰 Deltin Suites Casino
  • 🎰 Goldfinger Casino & Cidade de Goa Resort
  • 🎰 Grand 7 Casino & Hotel Goa
  • 🎰 Las Vegas Casino & Leela Goa Hotel
  • 🎰 Ramada Beach Resort & Goa Nugget Casino
  • 🎰 The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino
  • 🎰 Treasures Casino & Majorda Beach Resort Goa

Goa state also gives an opportunity to gamble at cruise ships casinos travelling along the Arabian Sea. Some of the most popular casinos on a ship are Deltin Royale Casino, Deltin Caravela Casino GOA & Hotel, Pride Casino & Hotel New Majestic GOA, and Carnival Casino & Hotel Marriott GOA. Those travelling casinos and India's top online gambling sites can make you forget that there is no casino in Bangalore.

More Land-Based Gambling Venues in Bengaluru

Even though we can't offer you information about the best casino in Bangalore or any casino in Karnataka, we can provide information about other wagering opportunities. The legal Bangalore casino games below can be found at many venues and played by anyone above the legal gambling game.

Popular Poker Rooms in Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN

Poker Game in Bangalore India

There might not be a legal casino in Bangalore, but many poker rooms exist. Since poker is considered a game of skill, anyone from beginner to the top poker players from India can enter and take part in the tournaments and daily games.

The gaming rooms offer many variations of this casino game in Bangalore, like Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Stud Poker, Draw Poker, 3 Patti, Open-face Chinese poker, and more. Because of its popularity, there are 150+ poker clubs and poker rooms in the city including:

  • ♠️ Adda52
  • ♠️ Blue Chip Gaming
  • ♠️ CardRack Poker Lounge
  • ♠️ Champ of Aces Poker Club
  • ♠️ Gold Coast Poker Club Bangalore
  • ♠️ Golden Aces Cards Room
  • ♠️ Indian Poker Association
  • ♠️ Kings & Queens Poker Club
  • ♠️ No Limits Poker Club
  • ♠️ Orion Players Club
  • ♠️ PokerBaazi
  • ♠️ Rockets Poker Room
  • ♠️ Royal Flush
  • ♠️ Quads Poker Club
  • ♠️ Super Straddle Poker House
  • ♠️ Tilt Poker Room

Besides the poker games, those and other reputable venues offer Rummy games and tournaments. The incredible variety of poker and card games available at brick-and-mortar venues is rivalled only by the top poker sites for Indian players. Combine those options, and you will see that no one thinks of the lack of casinos in Bangalore.

The Bangalore Turf Club Race Course

Bangalore Turf Club

There might not be modern casino gambling in Bangalore, but the centuries-old tradition of horse races in India is alive and drawing crowds. In the distant past, rulers and nobles compared horses' beauty, speed, and strength. Today, this continues at the Bangalore Turf Club Race Course.

The club was established in 1921, and ever since, the Bangalore Race Course has been a gathering spot for horse enthusiasts. The 85 acres can facilitate over 1000 horses, as well as three training tracks and a school, a swimming pool (for the horses), walking rings, and a veterinary hospital. This is not just a place for professional jockeys because the owners offer an amateur riding school.

Punters and horse fans can place bets before the races or on one of the off-site Turf points scattered all over Karnataka. The competitions and tournaments are published on the club's website. Players can also use the Bangalore Race Course app to place bets and check the schedule. An equally worthy alternative is the Mysore Racecourse in Mysore, Karnātaka, India.

eSports Gaming Cafés in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Gamer Computer at Internet Café

If a casino pub in Bangalore offers card games, the India's gaming cafes allow players to enjoy eSports and other online games of skill. The first gaming café in Bangalore was Café Coffy Day (CCD) opened in 1996 on Brigade Road. Back then, Internet gaming clubs were used for all online activities.

The new generation of eSports café in Bangalore is a modern room with comfortable chairs and the latest gaming computers. The formation of teams participating in local, state, and worldwide competitions elevated eSports to the next level. The interest towards eSports, MMORPG, and RPG worlds led to the creation of excellent gaming rooms like those:

  • 👾 Agamer
  • 👾 Alienware Gaming Zone
  • 👾 Ameoba
  • 👾 BlitZ Zone
  • 👾 CLAN Gaming Lounge
  • 👾 Hyper Infinite Games & Entertainment Pvt.
  • 👾 LXG Gaming Café
  • 👾 KombatZ
  • 👾 NetZone Gaming Lounge
  • 👾 RIG Esports
  • 👾 Smaash

Finding a casino spa in Bangalore is impossible today, but you can always enjoy the eSports in India. Anyone can play at a gaming café because eSports are games of skills open to all ages. Enter the gaming location, and the staff will help you with the rest. You can play many of the top online games on a real gamer's computer.

Online Gambling Options for Bangalore Players

Online Casino Gambling

If you wish to play at an online casino in Bangalore, you can go to a gaming café or play on your phone, tablet, or computer. The new online gambling regulations in India are optimised for all forms of online gambling and all operation systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

We advise caution because the Information Technology Act of 2000 bans all online casinos and online betting in Karnataka. The law doesn't criminalise online gambling at offshore sites, but this venture might be dangerous.

Furthermore, we've also reviewed online casinos in Bangalore, so check the alternatives on our website. Before we part, we need to remind you that the Karnataka government constantly changes the legality of gambling locations. The latest bans of 138 betting apps were to protect the players, and we expect them to be lifted once the issues are addressed.

Until the creation of a casino hotel in Bangalore, Bangalore players and tourists will have to enjoy the available wagering options. A gaming café, poker room, or the historical horse racecourse will leave unforgettable memories. The alternative is to explore the safe iGaming market of licensed offshore operators.

Casinos in Bangalore FAQ

Dozens of questions appear in the player's head while searching for a casino in Bangalore. We collected several of the most frequent inquiries and answered them. Below, you will find brief and concise information, and if you follow the links, you will gain access to the complete details on the matter.

Do Karnataka laws allow casinos in Bangalore, India?

Before entering a gambling location in Bengaluru, you should check the gambling laws in Karnataka state, India. There, you will see that the laws forbid games of chance, which is why there is no single casino in Bangalore. Many games of skills are legal, and players can enjoy them at various locations.

Are there casinos in Bangalore, Karnataka, India?

We will have to disappoint you because, at the moment, there is not a single casino in Bangalore. Residents of the city and tourists can visit the neighbouring provinces and enjoy the casinos in Goa or on cruise ships. We know that the gambling laws in the province are being revised, so there might be Bengaluru casinos in future.

What are the gambling venues in Bangalore, India?

Excluding the casinos in Bangalore, there are many land-based gambling locations. Players can explore the local rummy and poker rooms, visit the -renowned horse race track, or enjoy eSports at a modern gaming café. The alternatives are playing online at an offshore casino or visiting gambling locations in another province.

Can I play at an online casino in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN?

When brick-and-mortar wagering is limited, players turn to online gambling options. No local online gambling site exists, but a player can enjoy games provided by an offshore operator. In the future, the laws may permit local gambling sites, but until then, you can explore the offshore online casinos in Bangalore.

How old should I be to play at a casino in Bangalore, IN?

One of the smartest decisions before the wagering is reading the gambling laws in Bangalore. This way, you will learn that in casinos, poker rooms, or horse races, players must be 18 years old. There are exceptions, but it is best to stick to this minimum. Check the operator's terms and conditions before registering if you intend to play online.

Where can I play poker in Bangalore, IN?

There might be no casinos in Bangalore, but there are worthy alternatives where gamblers and bettors can profit from wagering on their favourite players. There are over 150 poker and rummy teams, and that is why the poker rooms in Bangalore organise various poker tournaments, games, and competitions.

Are horse races in Bangalore legal?

Horse races are one of the oldest legal wagering entertainments in history. Today, Bangalore horse races are held at the Bangalore Turf Race Course. The horse races schedule can be found on the racecourse's website, and players can wager via the native app, at the track, or at one of the off-track locations around Karnataka state.

Can I wager on eSports in Bangalore, Karnataka, IN?

Despite the lack of casinos, Bangalore players can still enjoy more than enough wagering entertainment. An excellent example is the eSports gaming cafés scattered all over the city and the province. Here, players can enjoy RPG, MMORPG, and eSports games or support their favourite teams. Gaming cafés are extremely popular among young people and gamers.

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