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Top 5 Dutch Live Casino Games ▶️ Outstanding Immersion and Features

Live Roulette Games in the Netherlands

How to Play the Best Dutch Games

While the best Dutch live casino games work similarly to online RNG table games, there are some differences. First, they are typically found on a separate page at the best online casinos in the Netherlands. To access them, you must register and click on a banner, which transports you to a lobby with all available live dealer games. Note that some tables have working hours, so browse carefully. Once you pick a table, you can place a bet and enjoy the game.

Live Roulette Games in the Netherlands

As the games aim to simulate the authentic experience of land-based casinos, you only have a short amount of time to place your bets before the round starts. However, there are detailed rulesets and statistics, which you can use to form various strategies. Additionally, you can communicate with the live dealer or other players.

Most importantly, you should ensure you play at reputable sites. They are licensed by the Kansspellautoritiet, feature the latest SSL encryption technology and work with responsible gambling organisations to combat addiction. Remember to prepare a budget and check the bet limits of each table, as some are better suited for high-rollers. You can even play the top NL live casino games on all mobile devices.

Types of the Best Live Casino Games in the Netherlands

The best live casino games in the Netherlands are played with dealers and streamed from studios and casinos that aim to replicate the authentic casino experience. As such, you can find various game types, from classic table games to unique game shows. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right one. As such, we have sorted some of the best titles in the following table based on their most vital aspects:

There are many other excellent games, although these are some of the most popular. Live table games, such as roulette and blackjack, are favoured among players in the Netherlands, but game shows are still beloved for their beautiful décor and unique gameplay. Many of the titles are even among the best live casino games, so you can be certain of their quality.

Before you play live online casino games in the Netherlands, you should check if any tables are available. Some games hold infinite players, and some are separated into tables with limited space. You should also ensure a stable internet connection and an updated device if you wish to play on mobile, as it will prevent buffering or low-quality videos.

1. Lightning Roulette – 97.30% RTP

Roulette games are among the top 5 Dutch live casino games, and Lightning Roulette stands at the top. Developed by Evolution, this is a European roulette with an excellent bonus feature and a great RTP of 97.30%. Its bet limits can accommodate casual low rollers and high rollers seeking excitement similar to the best high-stakes live roulette titles.

📛 Name: Lightning Roulette
🤑 RTP: 97.30%
👨‍💻 Developer: Evolution
📅 Release Date: 03.04.2018
💵 Bet Limits: €0.20 – €5000
🎮 Type: Live Roulette
🎁 Bonus Features: Lightning Multiplier
📱 Mobile Compatibility: Yes

The game works the same as any other European Roulette title. You have a table with classic betting options and a racetrack with called and neighbour bets. For easier strategies, you can browse statistics and save your favourite bets. However, the lightning multiplier feature makes Lightning Roulette stand out among the best Dutch live casino games.

Randomly, several numbers will be struck by lightning and receive multipliers of up to 500x. Only straight bets benefit from these multipliers, so players have to plan carefully when placing their bets. While you have limited time to place bets, you can freely observe the game and familiarise yourself with the rules, similar to the best top NL live casino games.

2. Crazy Time – 95.50% RTP

Those looking for a unique experience can try the exciting Crazy Time gaming show. This colourful game show features a friendly host, an RTP of 95.50% and wide bet limits. Its spectacular décor immerses you into the game, and the Crazy Time bonus feature even transports you to a delightful CGI world. Dutch players can also chat with the host while the game is ongoing.

📛 Name: Crazy Time
🤑 RTP: 95.50%
👨‍💻 Developer: Evolution
📅 Release Date: 10.06.2020
💵 Bet Limits: €0.10 – €2500
🎮 Type: Game Show
🎁 Bonus Features: Multipliers, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, Crazy Time
📱 Mobile Compatibility: Yes

The gameplay resembles Dream Catcher, as players bet on the wheel, stopping on a specific segment. That can result in a prize or the activation of a bonus game. Similar to the top with bonus games, there are four minigames, ranging from the interactive Cash Hunt to the enormous Crazy Time wheel with multipliers going up to 20,000x.

Before each round, a multiplier will be applied to a random segment. That can either increase the prize of numbered parts or boost any potential rewards in the bonus rounds. While newcomers can enjoy the energetic atmosphere and simple gameplay, veterans will be impressed by the unique bonuses. It is undoubtedly one of the best live casino games in the Netherlands.

3. Lightning Blackjack – 99.56% RTP

Blackjack is popular among those who play live online casino games in the Netherlands for its relaxing atmosphere and strategic elements. That is why Lightning Blackjack adds to the strategy with its exciting gimmick. The bet limits are ideal for players of all budgets, so even high rollers can test this unique title, with potential prizes that could rival even the biggest gambling wins in the Netherlands.

📛 Name: Lightning Blackjack
🤑 RTP: 99.56%
👨‍💻 Developer: Evolution
📅 Release Date: 10.11.2021
💵 Bet Limits: €1 – €5000
🎮 Type: Live Blackjack
🎁 Bonus Features: Lightning Multiplier
📱 Mobile Compatibility: Yes

The basic gameplay is similar to regular blackjack, with the ability to make insurance, dealer stands on all 17 and no doubling after a split. However, the real excitement comes with the multipliers. Unlike Lightning Roulette, the multipliers are applied to specific results and will affect the next game. They can go up to 500x, but you must add a 100% mandatory fee equal to your initial bet.

If you place a larger bet than your previous one, any excess winnings will be paid out according to standard rules. Additionally, a multiplier can be saved for up to 180 days, so you can leave a game if necessary. These features create one of the best live dealer games in the Netherlands, accommodating both casino veterans and beginners while providing a quality game similar to the best blackjack card games.

4. Dead or Alive Saloon – 97.02% RTP

Aside from the classic table games, the top 5 Dutch live casino games include some innovative game types. Dead or Alive Saloon has an RTP of 97.02% and wide bet limits that accommodate all budgets. It also features a great wild west bar décor with atmospheric music in the background, making you feel as if you are reliving the history of Las .

📛 Name: Dead or Alive Saloon
🤑 RTP: 97.02%
👨‍💻 Developer: Evolution
📅 Release Date: 30.11.2022
💵 Bet Limits: €0.10 – €1000
🎮 Type: Card Guessing
🎁 Bonus Features: Multiplier, Double, Bounty
📱 Mobile Compatibility: Yes

Players must guess which of the 52 standard cards will be drawn to play the game. They can place bets on entire suits or individual cards. If you guess the card correctly, you win a 19:1 payout. However, the deck has a total of 104 cards, which includes several multipliers. They can go up to 100x and stack, but they must be drawn before a standard card.

Finally, there is a double card, which doubles the current payout, and the Bounty card activates a bonus round. Click on one of three wanted posters, and you can win a random multiplier up to 200x. Dead or Alive Saloon's simple but unique gameplay is ideal for NL players of all skill levels, allowing them to enjoy the atmosphere and chat with the dealer, making it one of the top NL live casino games.

5. Boom – 96.43% RTP

Fans of dice games won't feel left out with the best Dutch live casino games. Boom City is an excellent title that combines game shows with dice games, having a 96.43% RTP and wide bet limits. The game consists of a 6×6 grid with two big dice in containers. At the start of each round, the containers shake the dice, with the gold one determining the vertical position and the blue one determining the horizontal one.

📛 Name: Boom City
🤑 RTP: 96.43%
👨‍💻 Developer: Pragmatic Play
📅 Release Date: 27.07.2022
💵 Bet Limits: €0.10 – €5000
🎮 Type: Dice Game
🎁 Bonus Features: Dice Battle, Power Up, Boom or Bust, Lucky Drop
📱 Mobile Compatibility: Yes

Players can bet on getting a 1x, 2x or 5x reward or one of the bonus games. Dice Battle rolls the dice three times to create multipliers, with both the winner and loser getting prizes. Lucky Drop has several columns with increasing multiplier prizes, while Boom or Bust has you advancing through the grid and winning rewards until you hit a bust.

Landing on a red “bust” symbol will result in a loss, but getting the Power Up feature will change it into a winning symbol. When combined with the bonuses, the Power Up feature can lead to prizes of up to 20,000x, rivalling even the best game show machines. It is an excellent game with a fun atmosphere and friendly dealers, making it one of the top NL live casino games.

Extra Dutch Live Casino Games

While our list covers some of the most popular titles, there are plenty of other great game types among the best live casino games in the Netherlands. To ensure players have a good idea of what to expect from live dealer operators, we have prepared the following list with a few other popular games:

  • 🕹️ Lightning Dice
  • 🕹️ Monopoly Live
  • 🕹️ Immersive Roulette
  • 🕹️ Crazy Coin Flip
  • 🕹️ Super Sic Bo
  • 🕹️ Lightning Baccarat
  • 🕹️ Football Studio

From classic table games to game shows, Dutch players can be confident that all the games are exceptional. According to the recent NL online gambling trends, live casino games are growing in popularity, so players can expect even more unique titles in the future. As each title features distinct gameplay elements and bonuses, it is a good idea to read the rules carefully to have the best experience with the top NL live casino games.

The Software Providers of NL Live Casino Games

Without the work of live casino developers, players wouldn't be able to play live online casino games in the Netherlands. Many of the titles available at Dutch online casinos are provided by the best developers on the market, such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play and more. You can find some of the most popular developers in the following list:

  • 🤵 Evolution
  • 🤵 Pragmatic Play
  • 🤵 Playtech
  • 🤵 Ezugi
  • 🤵 Authentic Gaming

Regardless of your preferences or budget, you can be confident that all the best live dealer games in the Netherlands are exceptional. The live dealers and other players add an excellent aspect, while the stylish décor creates a fun atmosphere. While there are many relaxing table games, there are also plenty of titles with unique gimmicks to keep veterans and casual players entertained.

While live casino games are a new addition to the history of Dutch gambling, they have quickly become a popular addition, and we hope more casinos will add them in the future. In the meantime, you can check out our article on the ten things to know before making an NL online casino account, so you can avoid any issues.

Dutch Live Casino Games FAQ

Before we wrap up, we will answer all your pressing questions about the top 5 Dutch live casino games. You can learn more details on each game's bonus features and promotions and see how to play them. We will also cover their software providers and the best aspects of each title.

1️⃣ How to play live online casino games in the Netherlands?

To play any of the best Dutch live casino games, you will first need to register at an online casino. Once you've found a reliable operator, you must go to the live casino lobby and browse the available games. Most live games are compatible with mobile devices, so you can join a game anytime.

2️⃣ Which NL live dealer game is best for low rollers?

While most of the best live casino games in the Netherlands accommodate low rollers, Crazy Time is the best title for such players. It features a low minimum bet limit of €0.10, and the simple gameplay is ideal for beginners. The game also allows players to communicate with the dealers and with each other while featuring many exciting minigames.

3️⃣ What is the most unique Dutch live dealer game?

One of the best new live dealer games in the Netherlands is Dead or Alive Saloon. Unlike other card table games, the goal here is to guess which card will be drawn next. The deck features 104 cards, which include bonus and multiplier cards, and is shuffled after every round. You can even stack multipliers for extra prizes.

4️⃣ Are there any live blackjack casino games in NL?

Yes, players can find many relaxing blackjack games, ranging from classics, such as Power Blackjack, to the unique Lightning Blackjack. What makes this title stand out is the lightning multipliers, which can boost the winnings of your next game. As these multipliers are tied to specific results, they add an extra layer of strategy.

5️⃣ Can I play Evolution live casino games in the Netherlands?

Yes, among the many great live casino developers, you can play live NL casino games from Evolution. This Swedish provider is renowned for its unique and high-quality titles, with exceptional streaming quality and great features. Aside from that, you can find plenty of other developers among the top NL live casino games.

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