• Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Yggdrasil Welcomes Bjorn Krantz As Its Newest CEO!

yggdrasil-appoints-curwen-to-replace-outgoing-ceo-krantz, a reputable casino software provider, announced a change in its team after welcoming another veteran!

This recognizable giant is backed by a team of iGaming experts, thanks to whom it has so far guaranteed much success, including the launch of premium , in addition to securing several collaborations that have contributed to further expanding the brand.

The latest addition to its team will fulfilll its position and surely bring something new to the company!

Appointing a Veteran to a Key Position!

Yggdrasil said goodbye to its longtime colleague,  Krantz, after he stepped down as CEO. However, immediately after this, the company presented his successor and welcomed James Curwen as its new CEO!

Krantz was the respected CEO of this team for 18 months, and he will officially say goodbye on October 1st. He first joined Yggdrasil in January 2020, after which we saw him in roles as division head for publishing and also as chief of global operations. Although a very arrangement, it has come to an end.

Curwen, however, is another iGaming veteran who held the title of chief officer at OPAP for the previous two years. He also has rich experience including his work as CEO of Golden Rock Studios and the title of chief gaming officer at Superbet.

If you thought that was all, let's take a deeper look at his CV!

Curwen was also part of the William Hill team where he contributed to senior positions such as chief gaming product officer, and his career saw a flourishing in RandomGamesLimited UK and Ladbrokes.

The provider's chairman, Itai Frieberger, stated: “The is thrilled to announce that James Curwen has agreed to join us as the new CEO of Yggdrasil. We believe he possesses the skills and experience to elevate the business to new heights.”

Frieberger also extended his appreciation to Krantz, who was leaving the position. He conveyed, “On behalf of the board, I want to express our gratitude to Bjorn for his hard work and dedication over the last four years at Yggdrasil.”

Krantz also added: “Since day one, my work with Yggdrasil has been focused on transformation and, as the company now enters the next phase of its global developments, it's time for me to hand over the reins. James Curwen is an industry veteran; he will bring invaluable experience and leadership to the company as it enters the next phase of driving sustainable, profitable growth. It's his time to lead.”

Source: ”Yggdrasil appoints Curwen to replace outgoing CEO Krantz”. iGamingBusiness. August 22, 2023.

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